Built-in cocktail station
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Built-in cocktail station



Designed by bartenders for bartenders, the BARISTE ® station is the most ergonomic and functional standard cocktail station on the market. Practical to use , it improves the profitability of the bar and allows you to quickly serve up to 150/200 cocktails per service. Easy to install , it adapts to all existing bar layouts: recessed on the top or placed on feet. Versatile , it is made for all CHR establishments: cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, hotels...

Net dimensions: W1,140 x D600 x H1,050 mm
Material: 304L stainless steel, thickness 15/10
Finish :Vibrated Matte
Net weight : 45 kg
Origin: France

Water supply: EF Ø15/21 male x 1 EC Ø15/21 male x 1
Water drain: PVC Ø40 mm x 2
Sanitary space: D100 mm
Hoses: L500 mm

1. Provide a cutout of L1 100 x D575 mm at the front of the worktop
2. Apply the silicone sealant to the edges of the cutout
3. Embed the station in the work plan
4. Seal the contour with the silicone gasket
5. Connect the siphons + hoses to the water network

Provide side reinforcement panels under the worktop to support the weight of the station which can be around 100 kg once loaded with products



Delivered on a EUR P1 200 x L800 mm pallet, within 72 hours in mainland France (excluding Corsica) and subject to stock availability.
Gross weight: 60 Kg.

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