Cocktail Kit - BARTENDER “THEBARS” (18 pieces)
  • bar accessories kit "Thebars"

Cocktail Kit - BARTENDER “THEBARS” (18 pieces)

La Boutique du Barman is especially proud to present this cocktail kit straight from Italy and selected not only for the number of pieces it contains, but also for its reliability! With regard to the diversity of its accessories, this cocktail box will be the essential ally of any mixology lover or bar professional.

Compact and very light, the utensils feature simple lines and bright colors.

Indeed, this cocktail set includes 8 colored Plastic Pours . These plastic pour spouts are not as precise as their metal counterparts but are on the other hand very useful for flair bartenders when juggling their bottles. However, 4 Pro Pourer spouts have been added to this kit. Their reservoir shape is specially designed to allow you to control the doses of liqueurs when pouring.

Another colorful element is also present: the pestle ! In plastic material, it is nevertheless extremely rigid and solid, as well as pleasant to the touch. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, this accessory will be perfect for squeezing all your citrus fruits.

On the liquid measurement side, this box includes 1 transparent jigger . Thanks to its hourglass shape it allows to have two distinct measuring units of 25ml and 50ml .

The Bar Strainer, this transparent colander with 4 hooks allows the bartender to filter his mixture, to retain pips and the pulp of citrus fruits. While hanging on the shaker, you can easily pour your cocktail.

2 shakers accompany this bar equipment. Made of stainless steel, their maintenance is very simple. They can accommodate approximately 60cl and 80cl of liquid.

Finally, comes with all these utensils 1 spoon with a braided handle ideal for promoting mixing and emulsifying.

We highly recommend this bartender cocktail kit which is one of our best sellers!

Box contents

  • 1pc. green muddler
  • 1pc. Jigger transparent (25:50 ml)
  • 1pc. Bar Strainer 4 in transparent PC
  • 1pc. Bar spoon with disc
  • 4 pcs. Pro pourer transparent
  • 1pc. Bar Shaker ss 20 oz.
  • 1pc. Bar Shaker ss 28 oz.
  • 8 pc. Plastic For

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Focus Thebars

TheBars est un fournisseur réputé de matériel de bar basé en Italie. Avec une solide expérience dans l'industrie de l'hôtellerie et de la restauration, TheBars s'est établi comme un acteur majeur dans le domaine de l'équipement de bar en Italie.

La société propose une large gamme de produits de haute qualité, adaptés aux besoins des bars, des restaurants et des établissements de restauration. TheBars se distingue par son engagement envers l'innovation, la fonctionnalité et l'esthétique, offrant ainsi des solutions modernes et élégantes pour équiper les bars.

L'assortiment de produits de TheBars comprend une variété d'accessoires de bar indispensables tels que des shakers, des passoires, des doseurs, des pinces à glace et bien plus encore. Ils fournissent également une sélection complète de verres à cocktail, des verres à vin et des verres à bière, conçus pour répondre aux normes de qualité les plus élevées.

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